* filesize limit: 100MB
* pls no cp guise i.e. dont upload shit which is illegal, or will get me sued.
* all filestypes are allowed, except for viruses and illegal shit
* Logging policy: No IPs are stored. Ever.
* How upload logging works:
    - You upload file.
    - App receives file and inserts this info into database:
        * filename
        * file path
        * user id (either supplied or generated)
    - App spews upload info back at you
    - go on with your life doing whatever you do
* How viewing logging works:
    - Person opens link for file
    - If the file exists, serve it and increment hits column by 1.
    - thats it
* if you want a file removed for reasons (a valid reason please), shoot me an email at admin@sgfc.co, with the offending link and a reason why it should be gone.
* if you feel like poking around the source, visit http://github.com/SummerGlauFC/sgfcup

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